Silly Billy and Box of Worry Dolls

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Silly Billy by Anthony Browne and 4 Large Worry Dolls in a Handpainted Box. 

This is a beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations. A fantastic story about a young boy who worries too much! Billy's Grandmother helps him to overcome his fears when she presents him with a set of Guatemalan Worry Dolls. Accompanied with this book is a box of brightly coloured Worry Dolls that have been handmade in Guatemala by Artisans of Mayan descent. This is a very popular product for younger children and is widely read in our Primary Schools. A gift that would be loved and treasured!

The Legend of the Worry Dolls is loved by Children and Adults all around the World.

All of our Worry Dolls include the Worry Doll Legend printed on a presentation card explaining the traditional use of the dolls. Worry Dolls make beautiful Unique Gifts for people of all ages and cultures.

All of our Worry No more products are ethically produced and handmade by Guatemalan Artisans. Your purchases in our store help us to continue to provide income and work for families in various parts of Guatemala.

Please note ~ Due to being handmade every doll will be different. The colours, faces and clothing vary from each other. Generally we will select your dolls at random ensuring your product is well presented with little to no flaws. If you have a particular colour that you would like  us to use as a guide ~ we will do our best to send you dolls that are close to your request. You can use the contact form provided to email us with your requests.