Recycled Orange Floral Embroidery Shoulder Bag

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This is a beautiful Recycled Ladies Shoulder Bag. By purchasing one of our handbags you are adding a touch of culture and history to your very own personal collection. This is a beautiful bag in gorgeous multicoloured fabrics. Made with portions of a recycled ladies blouse and handmade in gorgeous bright colours. Stunning handwoven textiles showcase Guatemalan Culture. This product is produced with special attention to detail and beautifully sewn by Artisans in Guatemala. Fully lined on the inside and zipper at the top with pocket at the front. Measurements are as follows: Approx 21cm high x 30cm wide.

Throughout history ~ The Mayan People have contributed inspiring designs and techniques to the world of textiles. Mayan Artisans combine stunning colours and traditional methods to produce a wide range of Handwoven Fabrics, Clothing, Handbags and various other products. Each handmade piece has its own unique journey of history and culture woven into the final production. Recycled Huipils are a prominent feature in some of our Handbag and Purse Range. A portion of / and or / the entire bag contains elements of handwoven, handmade, recycled materials.

Handmade in Guatemala ~ All of Our products from Guatemala are ethically produced and handmade by Guatemalan Artisans. Your purchases in Our store help us to provide income and work for families in various parts of Guatemala.

Please note ~ Due to being handmade every bag may differ slightly from that shown. For each new shipment that arrives we will endevour to update our photos.